Sunday, November 8, 2009

grocery and curry

One chore I most enjoy doing is grocery shopping. I enjoy going through all the aisles in the supermarket poring over the items on the shelves. Even before I learned how to cook I already like going to the supermarket. Peculiar? I don't think so.
The very first viand I cooked for my family is chicken curry. I was so proud. I was still in high school that time. I love chicken curry! (Any curry for that matter.) Unfortunately it is only me who likes the taste of curry in our family. So I rarely get to cook it. But I always have curry powder in our pantry, just in case! There are times I also cook curry and just freeze portions of it so that when I feel like it I can just reheat a batch and voila! Although most often than not I get my curry craving fixed by ordering out or dining out.
There are various kind of curry seasoning I found online which I don't find in the supermarket like the hot curry sauce, curry seafood sauce or the mutton curry seasoning.I have looked at other supermarkets in our area but they don't sell these...Online shopping still has its perks.

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