Saturday, January 17, 2009

thinking of a bed

I find this bed nice.
And it is a space saver. Which is a big plus for me because we always have a problem when we have guests staying over. I admit we do not have a guest room. Our house has 3 bedrooms. One for my mother, one for my sisters and the other one for me and hubs. So when we have guests/relatives they sleep in my sisters' room. There is an extra bed available but it is so old I can't even remember when my parents bought it. Having a bed like this would be a big boost not only to our sleeping problems but also help in decluttering the room. Notice how there are built in shelves that can be used? Nice di ba? Very much needed since ang daming gamit/kalat sa room. :->

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hubs and I were talking about his vacation this summer and our plans for it. Hubs wants to go back to Boracay. Which got me thinking about our Bora trip last year ~ I haven't blogged about it! hehe.. pasensya na tamad lang..
We spent 5 days in Bora and feeling ko andami pa naming di napuntahan at nagawa dun. Oo nga! Eh yung famous na bora rock (willy's ba yun?) di nga namin napuntahan. Lagi naman kaming nagiistroll pero ewan ko bat di kami nakarating dun. Malamang siguro kase panay kain at tambay lang ang gusto naming gawin. At etong si hubs nagkasakit pa nung andun kami! Timing nga naman. Ang magaling na lalaki ayun at nagderilyo pa nung gabi! Ninerbyos tuloy ako. Akala ko tuloy maaga akong mabibiyuda! Naku may sinasabi pang kayamanan! Akala ko magmamana na ako ng limpak limpak na salapi! charing! Syempre grow old together ang drama ko noh pero ano ba yan bigla nag appear ang mga dollar signs sa harap ko..hehe.. Eto pa natiming pa na nasira ang chuvaness ng hotel! So habang tuliro ako sa nagdederilyong asawa ko nawalan ng kuryente sa buong floor lang naman namin. Malas talaga! Di na nga makatulog dahil sa asawang maysakit eh napakainit pa! Ilang oras pa bago nagawa.
Hmmm...parang nawalan ng direction itong post ko ah..sige na nga tama na. Next time na uli ang kwentong bora!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new look for the new year

Yey! I have a new blog background. I was getting tired of the old one but I didn't know where I could get a free one. (hey, eventhough it's a new year I'm still kurips!) And at last I've found a free site! So how do you like my new look?

My other blog is also sporting a new look!

kitchen stuff

I went to the mall to check out some kitchen items that I've noticed are lacking from my mother's kitchen. Of course I couldn't just shop for all of those missing items so I settled on buying a cake server and an ice cream scoop. I was also eyeing a breakfast table but since it wasn't included in my budget I had to walk away from it. Although hubs and I have previously talked about buying one so that when he's home I can serve him breakfast in bed OCCASIONALLY. Emphasis on occasionally..hehe..
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