Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the patio

Lately I've been obsessing with renovating and redecorating our house. (All in my head as of the moment for we don't have the complete budget yet...hehe).. I'm finished obsessing about the game room and has since moved on to another part of the house. And due to the extremely hot summer season, I'm focusing my attention on a patio/veranda cum backyard garden resting place. Here are some daybeds that has caught my attention. Aren't they pretty? Here are some furniture pieces that I like. Naku pag nabasa ito ng asawa ko baka mahimatay na yun sa mga naiisip kong pagkakagastusan..hehe!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

andito na sya!

Hubs is here! At last after working for 4 months magkasama na kami uli! Yun nga lang saglit lang. But I won't let his going back to work dampen my happy mood. Sa ngayon ang saya saya ko!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A few days from now and hubs will arrive na! I'm so excited! He doesn't have his flight details yet but we are both giddy with anticipation already! Oh sweet days ahead!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mother's luggage

The passport is finished, the visa has arrived, the supporting documents are approved and the flight has been booked so there's nothing left to do but to pack the bags! My mother is off to visit my sister and this is her first out of the country trip! She's very excited but she's also very adamant in having her own luggage. She didn't want to use mine's. Mind you my luggage is pansinin, it's a pink benetton case. And since malabo mata ni mother this is really an advantage aba with all of our travels wala pa akong nakasabay na ganito din ang maleta. So maybe it was too girly for her age? Good thing Robinson Starmills had their 3-day sale this weekend so we were able to buy Inang her very own luggage. I wanted to get her an altogether different one but she insisted on this. Color coordinated pa. Madali daw mahahanap sa conveyor. So ayan empake time!

(p.s. our cat is very chismosa obvious naman pagkakita nya sa maleta ayan oh inusisa agad)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bar and billiard

When hubs read my post about the game room he immediately called me and was excited. So now this is not just in my wanna-have list but also in hubby's. Hmmm...all the more reason to save!
I was looking through the net searching for billiard tables and bars. And I must say that having a game room is not cheap. Boy! I didn't know the billiard tables are that expensive! Napasubo ako!
But I know that having one will surely bring joy to hubs. Sa idea pa nga lang excited na sya what more kung totoo na di ba?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a game room

A game room is one of my wanna-have for our house. Since hubs is mostly abroad it would be nice to have a room for him to unwind. One with a pool table and a mini bar so that when he is here he can have a place for himself and for his friends too when they come over. It doesn't have to be a big and elaborate space. Something simple will do. Guys like things simple right?
Well, this is something that has to wait for we have a lot of plans yet to be realized.

Friday, March 6, 2009

80% vs. 20%

I read this from an email and I want to share it here so that others may also read about it. This is very real. So read on...

In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship. There is always another person (man or woman) that you will meet and that will offer you the other 20% which is lacking in your relationship that you WANT. And believe me, 20% looks really good when you are not getting it at all in your current relationship.
But the problem is that you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20% that you WANT.
But as reality has proven, in most cases, you will always end up with having the 20% that you WANT and losing the 80% that you really NEED and that you already have.
Be careful in deciding between what you WANT and NEED in your life.
Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. 'Wow, this girl in my office is a real looker. But it's not her Wynona Rider features that got me. I'm crazy about her because she's also understanding, intelligent, tender - so many things that my spouse is not'
Somewhere along the way, you'll find a woman or a man who will be more charming or sensitive. More alluring. More thoughtful. Richer. Have greater sex appeal. And you will find a woman or man who will need you and pursue you and go loco over you more than your spouse ever did.
Because no wife or husband is perfect. Because a spouse will only have 80% of what you're looking for. So adultery takes place when a husband or wife looks for the missing 20%. Let's say your wife is melancholic by nature.
You may find yourself drawn to the pretty clerk who has a cheery laugh no matter what she says: 'I broke my arm yesterday, Hahahaha . ...'
Or because your wife is a homebody in slippers and pajamas, smelling of garlic and fish oil, you may fall for a fresh-smelling young sales representative that visits your office in a sharp black blazer, high heels, and a red pencil-cut skirt Or because your husband is the quiet type, your heart may skip a beat when you meet an old college flame who has the makings of a talk show host.
But wait! That's only 20% of what you don't have.
Don't throw away the 80% that you already have!
That's not all. Add to your spouse's 80% the 100% that represents all the years that you have been with each other. The storms you have weathered together. The unforgettable moments of sadness and joy as a couple. The many adjustments you have made to love the other. The wealth of memories that you've accumulated as lovers.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have.

But faithfulness happens when you start thanking God for what you already have.
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