Wednesday, March 24, 2010

milo balls

Before the school year ended V had their class picnic (within the school grounds). Her teacher told each student to bring food that they can share to everyone. I decided to make desserts for the whole class. Something simple but tasty. So I made Milo Balls.
I remember this from when I was younger. But back then we would crush Marie biscuits to pulp. This time it's easier for there is crushed Graham crackers available in the market.
I just can't recollect the whole recipe so I improvised.

crushed graham crackers
condensed milk
confectioner's sugar

I didn't use any measuring cup whatsoever because I just did it by "feel".
Mix graham crackers, condensed milk and a little milo. Make sure that the mixture is goeey enough to hold together. Form balls with the dough. Roll in milo and then sprinkle with confectioner's sugar. Refrigerate.

Fyi, I definitely remember when I was younger that we used dessicated coconut. But since this was not in our cupboard I just made do with confectioner's sugar.

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