Sunday, August 31, 2008

mamaluktot habang maliit ang kumot

Mula nung kinasal kami ng asawa ko di kami magkasundo sa kumot. Maliit kase yung kumot namin. Eh itong lalaking ito nakupo madamot yan sa kumot..Gusto nya balot na balot sya. Matutulog yan minsan ng di nakakumot. Naiinitan daw sya. (ahmmm..alam nyo na siguro kung bakit) Syempre ako naman ang mapagalagang maybahay pag nakatulog na sya kukumutan ko syempre pero mayamaya sinisipa na hanggang mawala na naman. Pero wag ka! Pag ako'y nakatulog na nakupo panigurado lang ang kumot ko unti unting hinihila nyan. Hanggang sa ako naman ang mamaluktot sa ginaw ng ercon. At pag naalimpungatan ako syempre makikisukob ako sa kumot. Aysus! Manigas na ako sa lamig pero makikipagagawan yan. Ang lakas pa naman nya. Gusto nya kanya lang ang kumot. Opo. Ganyan yan. Pero lahat yan nangyayari habang tulog sya ha. Kaya nga napagdesisyunan ko maghiwalay na kami ng kumot. Pero di nasolb ang problema dyan ha. Kase naman kahit na may sarili na syang kumot eh nakikiagaw pa rin ang loko. Dun yata sya masaya.
Konting kwento lang yan. Pasakalye baga para lang masabi ko na bumili ako kanina ng kumporter. Malaki na. At kasabay ng pagbili ko ay ang usal na sana naman pag magkatabi kami wala ng hilaan at agawang kumot na mangyari.

on travelling international

Just recently Cebu Pacific had their zero fare for international destination. I was excited since the travel period coincides with hubs vacation time. I wanted to surprise hubs with an out of the country vacation for the two of us since we are about to celebrate our first year anniversary. This will be my gift for him. I had a hard time choosing which destination we should go to.
Hongkong of course because Disneyland is there. It has been a childhood dream to go to Disneyland. And eventhough I am an adult now the dream is still there. Plus all those shopping plazas!
Ho Chi Minh because Vietnam has been one of our like-to-go-there country. We would like to see the remnants of war. And explore how the country has bounced back from its past.
Kota Kinabalu for the virgin coral reefs, paradise islands and long sandy beaches. And of course, the mighty Mount Kinabalu.
Macau for its old churches and ancient temples. It is also the casino capital of Asia.
Bangkok touted as the Venice of the East. For its rich culture and for being a shopping haven!
But...there is a but here...all the dreaming and the planning did not push through. I had to open my big mouth and ask hubs where he wants to go. And that is when he put his foot down and decided that international travel is not for us at this time.
So this year, we are going local once again. Destination? Probably Guimaras.

chafing dish

I've always wanted to have a chafing dish for when we host parties. And because SM, the nearest mall to us, has an ongoing sale I went yesterday to have a look see.
There were various chafing dish to choose from. Round or rectangle. Steel or crystal.
But since this is not a priority right now I have to hold my urges and just heave a sigh while touching it.
Oh well, there will always be another mallwide sale anyways.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

reading my posts

When hubs and I were talking and I was starting to get pissed and all I can say is ok hubs immediately said: "oh no! I know this! I've read about it in your blog about woman's language. That's number 6! Now I really know something's wrong." And he went on and on.. I could only smile at my end of the phone. Hubs reads my blog. Hubs know what I think, what I feel, what I see. Hubs knows what I'm going through because he reads my blog. Awww..sweet!
And the argument? Forgotten!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the bathroom luxury

When I "grow up" and hubs and I have a home of our own I'd love to have a steam/sauna in our bathroom.
So what is a steam bath and a sauna anyways? Well a steam bath uses moist heat while a sauna uses dry heat. Because I have asthma I find breathing inside a sauna a little bit difficult that is why I prefer using the steam room. But both have therapeutic benefits. It is said to get the blood circulation going and is said to cleanse the skin due to heavy perspiration. And I even watched a TV show saying that this promotes weight loss too!
Having this would be the ultimate in bathing luxury! Wish we can have this in our dream home! *fingers crossed*

Friday, August 15, 2008

i love shopping

i love shopping for wallets, bags, shoes, watch and even bakeware!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

pork asado

Although Hubs is abroad, I still practice my cooking so when he comes home I'll be able to cook for him (and maybe serve him delicious food!haha!)
Anyways, whenever I attend fiestas, I always like eating asado so I thought maybe I should practice cooking one. And so I did.
I know that plating is an important aspect of food serving. And I also know that I still have a lot to learn about it, as I'm still a newbie. I hope that someday soon, I'll be able to cook something yummy and plate it splendidly as well!
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