Saturday, April 4, 2009

date mistake

Hubs and I are disappointed. We've been planning on going on an overnight spa trip to Tagaytay eversince Rosey told us of her son's graduation and birthday celebration. So we planned our trip around the party. We discussed the choices (red ginger farm, sonya's garden and nurture spa) for days. (It really is difficult to choose just one because all three have good reviews.) And just recently decided on going to Nurture Spa only to find out today that the party was today! Wtf! Today! Stupid, stupid me! How could I have missed the date? Naman! So all those careful planning, kaput! Buti na nga lang kamo tinawagan ko si Rosey kanina otherwise baka tumuloy kami sa Batangas yun pala tapos na ang party. Hay palpak!
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