Saturday, February 7, 2009

where should we honeymoon?

You Should Honeymoon in Europe!

You are a traditional romantic at heart...

With a taste for fine wine, museums and beautiful walks.

You and your sweetie should get romantic in a cafe in Paris

Or get a Eurail pass - and see as many cities as possible!

Suggested destinations: Paris, Venice, London, Greece

Imagine that! I've been dreaming of Europe for the longest time. Kung swak lang talaga sa budget namin malamang dyan kami naghoneymoon dati! Kaso hindi eh :-( Again, our honeymoon was spent with the family. Sobrang gastos naman kung buong pamilya kaming lalarga ng Europe eh ang laking gastos pa ng ikasal. So save first and travel later ang motto namin ngayon!
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