Monday, March 15, 2010

Iceberg & Red leaf lettuce

Yesterday I blogged about the thousand island dressing I made. Now I'm sharing V's reaction to the vegetable salad.
But first a little background sharing.
Whenever we have fried food I try to prepare vegetable salad to balance things out. So when V came to be a part of our family it wasn't long before she had a taste of it. Of course being a little girl with no inkling as to what a vegetable salad is her reaction to it was both funny and endearing. She refused to taste it because "hindi luto ang gulay." An explanation was made and she hesistantly ate it. Slowly. Ever so slowly.
Fast forward to yesterday.
In my vegetable salad I usually use iceberg lettuce as it's more commonly available in the grocery. But this time around I added another variety of lettuce. Red Leaf lettuce.

So there we were all seated at the dining table when V blurted out, "mommy nasunog mo yata ang gulay?"
We adults looked at each other and laughed. Kids say the darnedest things!

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