Sunday, June 7, 2009

cash it!

Watching a showbiz talk show can be rewarding. Sometimes.
I was glued to the TV this afternoon (breaktime ng study session with V) and they were doing a segment on the latest controversy about the Arlene Manalo and Jose Manalo controversy. And Kris Aquino said something to this effect: Don't buy something if you can't afford to pay for it in cash. ...Hubs and I live by this principle too! Eversince we received more financial blessings from the Lord it has been a spoken agreement to refrain from using the credit card. The only regular credit card expenditure we have is the one for the charity that we are supporting. They debit from the CC monthly. Other than that we rarely use it...hmmm..I don't even remember if the card was used this year. I don't want to be all preachy here but this has worked for us. Hubs has eradicated the false pretense that the card gave him. He is more attuned to his expenses and has become more capable of sticking to the budget.

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