Saturday, June 20, 2009

and the doctor said...

I finally brought V to the pediatrician. She started getting sick thursday afternoon. I had to stay up all night because she was so hot already. I was thinking of bringing her to the doctor when morning comes. But by friday morning she felt better already. Like she didn't get sick at all. So the trip to the doctor was cancelled. But before the day ended she was feverish again. I spent another sleepless night by her bedside. At the back of my mind I was thinking of dengue. But what I really suspected was tonsilitis for V kept on complaining about difficulty in swallowing.
So anyways, off to the pedia we go. V was quiet all throughtout our travel. I was thinking that she must really be feeling bad for V rarely shuts up. Turns out, she did feel bad but the reason for her sudden clamming up was because she was nervous. She confessed that this is her first time to go see the doctor. Her parents (the one before us) just took care of her at home whenever she got sick. And since her secret is out she begun asking questions...what is that thing that the secretary stuck up her armpit? What does it do? What will the doctor do when she sees me? What will happen inside the room? etc,etc...I had a lot of explaining to do.
At last after waiting for a few hours our turn finally came. The doctor interviewed and examined V. She even got to lie down the examination table. Then she received some lollipops (to be eaten when she feels better) for being a good girl. And the doctor's verdict: tonsilitis.

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