Friday, September 19, 2008

the DSLR gift

Hubs gift is here!
I know that this is a very extravagant gift that is why I consider it an all-in-one-gift. For my birthday ~ october, our seventh year of being together (yes we still celebrate our bf-gf aniversary) ~ november, and our first year as a married couple ~ december.
I am always overwhelmed by hubs generosity. Or shall I say thoughtfulness? Ever since we got married he's been extra caring, loving and giving to me. I really am lucky to have him for a husband. And I am not saying this just because of the gift ha!

I am so looking forward to using my new toy! But first, I've got to read the manual! I have very little knowledge about DSLRs! I need to stock up on information so I can have nice photos to show when hubs arrives next month!
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