Sunday, August 31, 2008

on travelling international

Just recently Cebu Pacific had their zero fare for international destination. I was excited since the travel period coincides with hubs vacation time. I wanted to surprise hubs with an out of the country vacation for the two of us since we are about to celebrate our first year anniversary. This will be my gift for him. I had a hard time choosing which destination we should go to.
Hongkong of course because Disneyland is there. It has been a childhood dream to go to Disneyland. And eventhough I am an adult now the dream is still there. Plus all those shopping plazas!
Ho Chi Minh because Vietnam has been one of our like-to-go-there country. We would like to see the remnants of war. And explore how the country has bounced back from its past.
Kota Kinabalu for the virgin coral reefs, paradise islands and long sandy beaches. And of course, the mighty Mount Kinabalu.
Macau for its old churches and ancient temples. It is also the casino capital of Asia.
Bangkok touted as the Venice of the East. For its rich culture and for being a shopping haven!
But...there is a but here...all the dreaming and the planning did not push through. I had to open my big mouth and ask hubs where he wants to go. And that is when he put his foot down and decided that international travel is not for us at this time.
So this year, we are going local once again. Destination? Probably Guimaras.
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