Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cooking for two

One of the first things we argued about was cooking. Yup cooking. Between the two of us, hubs is the better cook. Well, not just better, he does all the cooking before. And now that we are married hubs wants me to learn to cook as well. Oh no!
I have always disliked cooking. Having to chop all the ingredients. Onions making me cry. Oil accidentaly spilling when frying. But most of all smelling meat/chicken while it's raw. I don't know but somehow these smells always make me want to throw up. And now, here is hubs asking me to please learn to cook...
So learn I did. The very first viand i cooked? Vietnamese chicken curry. I had to search the net for a recipe for this. But since I have always loved the taste of curry and hubs does not know how to cook it I knew this was the perfect choice for a first cooking lesson. He couldn't tell me to do this or that because he himself does not know how to. Haha!
It turned out ok. Although there was a little bit of leftover. But since by the next day we still ate it, I would have to say job well done!
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