Thursday, January 28, 2010

something sad, something good

Hubs aunt (V's real grandma) died last week, a day before his birthday. We were planning on an out of town beach trip for the family to celebrate his birthday but our plans had to take a backseat because of the sad incident.
V knows that her grandma is sick so she was kinda expecting this to happen. According to her, lola will lose her hair and eventually die. That's what she said when I talked to her about grandma's disease. Evidently the TV is a powerful media as she compared her lola to lola Getz (from the soap Tayong Dalawa). When we called on her for "the talk" she was steeling herself already. She knows. She did not shed any tears but she was quiet the whole day.
So last week was spent commuting between Laguna (where MIL lives) and Muntinlupa (where V's lola's wake was).
The good thing that came out of that week was V got to spend time with her sisters and brother.

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