Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conserve water when you brush your teeth

Do you keep the faucet running when you brush your teeth? I don't. This is one of my conscious effort to conserve water and save the environment. Hubs on the other hand likes to keep the faucet on while he brushes. When I see him do this I immediately go beside him and turn it off. (Plus he usually get an earful from me)
Did you know that keeping the faucet on while brushing teeth for about 2 minutes wastes 2 gallons of water? So if you brush 3 times a day you waste 6 gallons daily. Add it up to the rest of your family members who does. What do you get? Too much wasted water.
Also, did you know that 17% of the world's population has no clean water to drink? Yup. 17%. That's more than one billion people.
Knowing these facts can you turn the faucet off the next time you brush?

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