Saturday, September 26, 2009

Milenyo and Ondoy

When Tatay died bagyong Milenyo has taken over Luzon. Today is Tatay's 3rd death anniversary and bagyong Ondoy is devastating Luzon. Metro Manila is flooded with some people staying at the roof of their houses. Here in Pampanga, the water is knee-deep fortunately it is only in the streets and has not reached our house yet. I hope the rain lets up soon. According to the news, Ondoy has officially reached Pampanga at 4PM but even before that the rain was nonstop.
My titas from Quezon City and Paranaque who went here for Tatay's anniv have decided to sleep over. My uncle who went to a meeting in Makati is stuck in EDSA.
Here are some pictures I took while watching the news.

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