Saturday, November 22, 2008

paint it!

Hubs is bent on redecorating our room. And awhile ago we went out to Wilcon Builder's Depot and bought the paint and all other paraphernalias. Whew! The place is big. And although there were a lot of sales personnel on the floor they are not like most sales personnel who hounds you until you buy something. These people just looks on and does not make a nuisance of themselves. They let us roam around the place and when we needed a hand they were there for us. There were a lot of shades to choose from. But since we both wanted to use greeen as our primary color we perused the green folder longer. And in the end we decided on having the distant haze paint mixture for our room. The mixing took about 5 minutes and then we were good to go. They said that it is odorless and well, tomorrow we will find out. For tomorrow, our bonding session would be painting our room!
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