Friday, October 3, 2008

the word is fresh

Wondering how to tell if a fish is fresh? Well, then you first have to define what fresh is, right?
For a professional chef, fresh fish is a fish that will be served within 3 days of its being caught.
The Japanese meaning of fresh fish is it is served within 24 hours after it was caught.
While to others, a fish is fresh if it has not been frozen.
Now here are some guidelines on determining a fish' freshness:
1. The fish should smell fresh and mild and not fishy.
2. The flesh should be resilient. It should bounce back when pressed.
3. The eyes should be clear and a little bulgy.
4. The scales should not be dried up.
5. The gills should be bright.
Now you know how to tell if a fish is fresh. But no matter how fresh the fish is if it's not stored properly it will spoil easily.

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